Info leaflet for biomass boilers

Absorption heat pumps for biomass boilers

Flue gas condensation – wood and natural gas

This graph shows the additional heat gained through flue gas condensation for:

  • Wood chips with various water contents
  • Natural gas

The heat gained is expressed as a percentage of the fuel’s lower calorific value. The amount of fuel saved is greater than the value shown in the graph, as these figures do not take the efficiency of the respective boiler into account.
For an exact calculation, the values must be adapted to the local conditions and simulated individually.
These values were calculated at 1000 mbar air pressure and typical combustion values.
We do not guarantee the correctness of the values given.

Boiling temperatures – water and lithium bromide solution

This graph allows different operating points of lithium bromide absorption units to be quickly estimated. (Duehring’s plot)
The boiling temperatures of pure water and LiBr H2O solution are indicated on the axes.
The coloured lines correspond to different salt concentrations.
Thus, the respective boiling temperature of LiBr H2O solutions of different concentrations can be read off for a certain boiling temperature of water at the same pressure.
Conversely, the corresponding boiling temperature of pure water can be read off for each boiling temperature of a saline solution.
We do not guarantee the correctness of the values given.